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support south african children in need

The Kusasa Project was founded in South Africa to encourage a brighter future for underprivileged children by facilitating academic, sporting and life skills development

  • 61% of children in South Africa cannot read by the 4th grade.
  • Over 1 million households have no literate adult.
  • Only 8% of South Africans use the internet.
  • Only 8% of the population speak English as their mother tongue.
  • Most of our students live without clean running water or sanitation in their homes.
  • HIV/Aids infection rates in South Africa = 20% of the adult population resulting in a large number of single or no parent households.
  • Regular, organized recreational sport is scarce for primary school boys – nearly non-existent for girls - in The Kusasa Project’s area of operation.
  • Rural & underfunded schools are overcrowded (55-70 children/class) and lack libraries, computers and/or computer literate teachers, satisfactory toilet facilities, extra-curricular activities, special needs teachers.

We seek to stimulate children’s minds & aspirations to a future beyond the shacks & poverty in which they now live - a brighter & healthier tomorrow!

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We have 4 different entities to receive donations in different currencies:
1. Rand in South Africa to The Kusasa Project directly – via Nedbank
2. £ in the UK to The Kusasa Project
3. $ in the US to Columbus Foundation
€ in Europe to Stichting The Kusasa Project Netherlands
News on the year’s activities, our pro-grams, our growing base of supporters, our volunteers and, most importantly,...the kids! We hope you get a sense of the work being done & the exciting things ahead.

Since 2006, The Kusasa Project has served the underprivileged children of the Franschhoek Valley, South Africa.

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The Kusasa Project runs a number of programs on a regular (daily or weekly or annual) basis and others on a less frequent basis.

The frequency of our programs depends on our resources (availability of volunteers, financial resources & transport) & school schedules as well as seasonal events (such as Outward Bound).
To positively impact the children of the Franschhoek Valley by offering educational opportunity, sporting activities and a good example of personal interaction to kids who live in an environment which disappoints them, harms them and offers little opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty.

To break down barriers, offer volunteers opportunity to give of their time & talent and open minds to the awesome potential of the children in their midst.
The KUSASA project staff & volunteers operate on the following principles:
The kids come first.
We are trustworthy and honest. We do what we say & we say what we do!
We are colour-blind: black, white, coloured, Xhosa, English, Afrikaans are all equal & equally important to us.
We are transparent = there are NO hidden agendas
Communication is crucial for our success
the kusasa project south africa South African Charitable Trust (Number: IT53/2007) & PBO Number: 930026072
Affiliated with The Columbus Foundation. US Charity (EIN 31-6044264)
UK Registered Charity (Number: 1134655)
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